I am Orthopaedic surgeon by profession. As a child I was very fond of camera and always wished to capture each and every moment, to be cherished later. For me photographs are not just still pictures, but they are stories, they speak to me. As an Orthopaedic surgeon also camera was my best friend as I collected all details of the patients including the series of X-rays.

I am in Wild Life Photography since last five years when I first visited the forests, slowly the love for the TIGER grew and I started visiting more frequently. I always find the forests mysterious and their is no other place in the world as serene as the forests. I have visited almost all Tiger Reserves in the vicinity of the Tiger Capital of India i.e NAGPUR (Maharashtra) as well as some other national and International jungle safaris. 

Now we have our own NGO -  which works for the conservation of ecosystem and specially Tiger protection. We Under take various projects related to the Tiger conservation. I thank my younger brother YASH for he was instrumental in me joining the NGO.

My Special Interest in Wild Life being the Tiger CUBS how they grow and how they migrate to form their own territory. Anybody who would like to be part of our safaris to the Tiger reserve can contact me through the contact us page. 

It is very difficult to do all this as my profession as an orthopaedic surgeon itself is very busy and most of the time its the family time I utilise for this work hence I would like to thank my family - my loving children Vedant and Rachit and my adorable wife Nilima for always supporting me. My children now often accompany me on my visits to the forests and they also know almost all the Tigers by their names.

I dedicate this website to all the children of our family VIDHISHA, DARSH, VEDANT, RACHIT, SATVIK, ADVAIT, ADITYA,  KINJAL, RIDDHI & ALINA for they are the future. I would advise them to stay focussed and do it in a perfect way.....